Annually, the Santa Fe Council of the Knights of Columbus award scholarships to parish students planning to attend a Catholic High School or College. A $750 scholarship is awarded to a student attending a tuition-based High School in the fall and a $1500 scholarship is awarded to a student attending College in the fall.

Download the application: 2024 Scholarship Application


  • Students applying for the High School scholarship have a chance to be awarded $750.00 and college applicants compete for an award of $1500.00.


Applicants must be either a member of St Bridget of Sweden Parish or a student or graduate of St. Bridget School. To be eligible for the High School scholarship, the student must be attending a tuition-based High School or Trade School.


  • Scholarships are awarded based upon four criteria:
    1. a completed application,
    2. an essay not to exceed 250 words on a topic of the council’s choosing,
    3. the recommendation of either the applicants Pastor, another Priest or a member of the Catholic Religious and
    4. the submission of a Faith In Action Summary detailing the applicant’s activity in his or her Parish, School or Community which displays a commitment to his or her Catholic Christian Faith.

Previous winners

  • 2023 High School – Chloe Retuya
  • 2023 College – Michael DeJoseph 
  • 2022 High School – Chloe Retuya
  • 2022 College – Luke Audie
  • 2021 High School – Chloe Retuya
  • 2021 College – Claire Shemo
  • 2020 High School – Beth Convertito
  • 2020 College – Caroline Mayer
  • 2019 High School* – Megan Baker
  • 2019 High School* – Matthew Baker
  • 2018 High School – Megan Baker
  • 2018 College – Caroline Mayer

*2019 – Due to no college applications being submitted, two High School scholarships were awarded and the remaining $500 was used to sponsor a seminarian.