Annually, the Santa Fe Council of the Knights of Columbus award scholarships to parish students planning to attend a Catholic High School or College. A $750 scholarship is awarded to a student attending a tuition-based High School in the fall and a $1500 scholarship is awarded to a student attending College in the fall.

Download the application: 2021 Scholarship Application

We are excited to announce changes to the requirements of our Scholarship Award Program now in it’s eleventh year:


  • Students applying for the High School scholarship have a chance to be awarded $750.00, up from $500.00, and the college level award is now $1500.00, up from $1000.00.


  • Previously, applicants had to have been members of St. Bridget of Sweden Parish, but by council vote, we have opened it up to members of other parishes who attend (or have graduated from) St. Bridget School.
  • In the past, applicants had to further their education at a Catholic High School or College. This has been revised to include any tuition-based Trade or High School or College of the applicant’s choice.

Additional Criteria

  • In prior years, Scholarships were awarded based upon three criteria, a completed application, an essay not to exceed 250 words on a topic of the council’s choosing and the recommendation of either the applicants Pastor, another Priest or a member of the Catholic Religious. A fourth requirement new this year is the submission of a Faith In Action Summary detailing the applicant’s activity in his or her Parish, School or Community which displays a commitment to his or her Catholic Christian Faith. We expect this new criteria will carry as much weight with the Award Judges as any of the previous three.

Previous winners

  • 2020 High School – Beth Convertito
  • 2020 College – Caroline Mayer
  • 2019 High School* – Megan Baker
  • 2019 High School* – Matthew Baker
  • 2018 High School – Megan Baker
  • 2018 College – Caroline Mayer

*2019 – Due to no college applications being submitted, two High School scholarships were awarded and the remaining $500 was used to sponsor a seminarian.